Ceramic Tile City

As we know, there are two things that sell homes:  bathrooms & kitchens.  The bathroom above would have been the IDEAL master bathroom for this house, but instead… THIS is what we bought.


A concoction of colors and patterns of years past that just screamed, “RUN AWAY FOOL!”  This bathroom was complete with the finest baby blue ceramic tiled walls, with built in ceramic soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper holder.  Two formal, antique gold, neoclassical sconces that flanked a built-in medicine cabinet popped beautifully off the palm tree patterned wallpaper.  It was clearly a bathroom that had been forgotten or decorated by someone with multiple personalities.  The only thing in this bathroom that wasn’t a complete disaster was the black and white ceramic floor tile.  But even that had missing grout and carpet glue residue stains.  Oh that’s right, someone put carpet in here once upon a time.  The bathroom seemed small and cramped.  Everything was wedged into place for this bathroom just so that it could all fit.

We were going to focus on renovating the sunroom first, but quickly changed our minds after getting ready in this bathroom every morning for 2 weeks.  All we needed was a little inspiration! And we didn’t have to look far for that, ready PINTEREST!




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