Out of the Closet

In our former home the townhouse, we had a powder bathroom on the main floor that always came in very handy when guests were over.  However, in this house the only bathroom on the main floor was the master bathroom.  And if you’ll remember, it wasn’t that pretty…


original master bath

So as you can imagine, adding a half bath was at the top of our checklist.  There was way more storage space in this house than we could ever use and not enought toilets, so we decided to combine the coat closet and a small linen closet into a powder bathroom.  Only one big problem… Have you ever tried to sit on the throne in your coat closet?  As it turns out, we needed 5 more inches.  Cue the sledgehammer!

If only moving a wall were just that easy, if it was only simply sliding it in place.  What we really mean is tearing down an existing wall and building a brand new one…literally 5 inches from where it was to start with..  Images of this demo were in our blog called “Ready, set, demo”.


You can see the door in the center left to the coat closet, and then on the center right the thin door to the hall closet here that were combined to make the powder.

Because the foyer was totally trimmed out, we didn’t want the bathroom to go neglected and seem forgotten.  We also didn’t want it to seem like a little trim cave up to the ceiling, so we did board and batton trim a little over half way up the wall, and finished with crown molding at the top.  The paint colors were the same that we used in the foyer:  Anew Gray for the walls and, of course, all the trim is Snowbound.

Since this is just a powder bathroom, there was no real need for a vanity with lots of storage so we chose to do a simple pedestal sink.  For the light fixtures and faucet finishes, we wanted something that spoke to the true era of the house–something not too modern but not antique.  We chose a mixture of antique brass and iron for the sconces and faucet; something we plan to carry throughout the entire house.

When it comes to decor in a powder bathroom, there’s not much, which means everything you use should be special.  Although we used a pedestal sink from Lowes, we didn’t want the details to look like they came from Lowes.  So for the mirror, our hunt took us to many stores and eventually online to etsy.com.  Here we found someone who could hand-make a mirror out of an antique horse bit and bridle.  We love that we have something unique in there! 0076

0061Although there is no image of the toilet in the powder, it is there.  Not surprising, they don’t photograph very well.  “You just can’t make them look sexy”, says our photographer/realtor/friend Shaun Ring.

Even though the room is barely 3’x6.5′, we tried to add the detail that would make it special and interesting! It may be easy to think “Hey, it’s a small powder room, it doesn’t need anything special”, but we think that’s a lost opportunity for great detail. A few pieces of wood, great lighting, and accessories can make a big impression! Not bad for coming out of the closet! 🙂




We love trim!

We love trim.  Crown moulding, wainscotting, plank, beadboard…we could go on, but we’ll save you the bore.  What we love even more, is trim painted white (cue naming the blog Trim It In White).    It really is a fool proof way to add character to a space.  Here’s an example of that, this is what we did in our old home- a boring old duplex.

So when we bought our current house that had so much character on the outside, we knew we wanted to add a lot of trim to this house, so off to Pinterest we went for inspiration.  Here are a few things we just loved and wanted to try to use in our Powder bath and Foyer.

If you would like to follow Big Jeremy’s Pinterest board affectionately called “I love trim” please see below!


Ready, Set, Demo!

Before the ink was even dry on the contract, the half-bath demolition commenced.  Our house only had one full bathroom on the main floor, but more storage than we knew what to do with, so the plan   was to combine two coat closets off the foyer into a half-bath for all of our guests to use.  Fortunately, for sake of the house, we weren’t the ones doing the work.  That’s why we hired wonderful contractors!



That wasn’t the only project that started on day 1!  The foyer and dining room floors had been covered over with the ugliest vinyl tile flooring east of the Mississippi!  And probably west of the Mississippi too, for that matter.  We knew that we wanted to rip it up, but we had questioned what the situation was like underneath the tile.  Was it beautiful hardwood or was it hardwood that had been destroyed?  or God knows what else.  We had a chunk of it removed and tested for asbestos.  It truly wasn’t as scary as it sounds, but we wanted to make sure we weren’t going to be part of a class action lawsuit with mesothelioma.  Fortunately, it was negative…. so up it came.  Beneath a sea of a thousand nails and staples, the floor was actually in great condition.  It just needed to be refinished.



photos via shaunring.com