Big Bear (2007-2014)

FIRST HOME:  We didn’t do a blog with our first house, because truthfully….we never thought about it.  But we REALLY wished we had, because when we found the only 2 photos of the “before”, we realized how much work we did to improve it!  Although we knew what it looked like before, nobody else did, so this go ’round we are putting it all out there for everyone to see–start to finish.

The Kitchen

The Living Room

Master Bedroom


TV Room Downstairs

Photography via Shaun Ring Photography.

Remember those two before pictures I mentioned, here they are with the same perspective of after!  See why we wished we would have taken more photos and blogged!












4 thoughts on “Big Bear (2007-2014)

  1. The cabinets look great. Did you paint them or replace them? How did you do the verticle trim at the base of the island?

    • We painted them! It was the first thing we did! Funny story…when we bought the house, they had just installed new Berber carpet. We knew we wanted to put hardwood in the living room, so we painted the cabinet drawers and doors on the new carpet. Our friends were appalled, but it only INSURED we were installing wood floor next. Lol. For the beadboard, it was pretty simple. We just measured the size we needed, and then went to Lowes! We bought a full sheet, and had them cut it to size, and then we just nailed it in place, caulked, and painted! Super easy! We were brand new home owners and didn’t have any tools, so Lowe’s was a great help with cutting it down. I can’t remember if they charged to cut it, but if they did, it was nominal.

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