Trimming out the foyer

Unlike our last house, this house actually has a foyer.  Before, you walked directly into the kitchen, so we focused on trying to make that space welcoming–which often times with dirty dishes was an uphill battle.  This foyer–as bad as the wallpaper was–was already pretty welcoming, but we really wanted to make a bold statement, and how else did we do that but with trim!

Here was our inspiration…


When it comes to trim, both of us prefer shaker or simple flat panel styles.  Our overall taste is updated traditional, with the keyword being “updated”, meaning having traditional lines in updated refined finishes.  So when this crosses over to trim, less detail is more.  Here are the current in-progress photos of our foyer.

We continued the trim-work throughout the foyer, up the stairs, and around the 2nd floor landing.  On the landing, we stopped the trim 3/4 of the way up the wall and added a ledge.  We will either paint an accent color or add grassclothe to the top.

There is still more work to do!  Nail holes have to be filled and sanded, the edges need to be caulked and primed, and then finally painted… WHITE!

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